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  • The Election Markup Language
  • e-Government in the UK
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  • e-Government in the UK
  • XML: the relevance to e-government
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  • Delivering New Electronic Services in the Public Sector
  • e-Gov and XML Government Advanced Technology
  • Delivering New Electronic Services in the Public Sector

The aim of the OASIS Election and Voter Services Technical Committee is to "develop a standard for the structured interchange of data among hardware, software, and service providers who engage in any aspect of providing election or voter services to public or private organisations."

The main deliverable of this work is the Election Markup Language (EML), which is being continually enhanced to meet the differing needs of elections around the world. EML covers the needs for data interchange throughout the election process from the registering of electors and candidates, through the voting process to the counting of votes, declaring the result and auditing the election.

A key feature of EML is the mechanism used to add specific constraints for specific election types. An EML message specification meets the requirements of the international EML language and will generally have to meet an additional set of constraints for a specific type of election. For example, in a US Presidential election, the voter name must not be included in the vote, but in a British company AGM it will be included.

Paul Spencer is an active member of the OASIS Technical Committee, and developed the XML Schemas for EML and the means of customising the schemas for the various types of elections. He also developed the customisations in use for UK public election pilots, for which EML has been used since May 2003, and the CORE project for electoral registration systems.

Using this unique experience, we can provide several services relating to EML:

While doing this, we can feed back any new requirements to the OASIS Technical Committee and further develop EML to meet them.

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